Wardrobe Winners

Everyone wants their wardrobe to look like this:

Organised Wardrobe

(image taken from http://www.strachan.co.uk)

Well, we can dream. But you can edit your wardrobe so that you only have items in there that you’ll wear more than once – and you’re halfway to a better wardrobe already.

Get sorted before Christmas and you’ll be basking in how easy it is to find an outfit for the many festive occasions that we love to struggle with each year.  The Clothes Line have the solutions you need to start that dreaded ‘edit’, and here they are…

Clothes Line donations

Left to right: 1. The Tartan Blazer; it’s always around from one season to the next, but whether the biggest trend or the smallest, if you’ve got a classic fitted blazer, you can’t go wrong. 2. The LBD; every woman needs one, and this Hobbs number is perfect for day to night sophistication. 3. The Denim Shirt; it’s always the go-to piece in your casual wardrobe, but this short-sleeved, boxy one is your perfect answer to this season’s denim needs. 4. The oversized top; dress it up or down, not only does an oversized top always look chic, it also hides a multidude of sins (seconds, anyone?). So we this Jaeger pleat front top. 5. The Leather Trousers; not as difficult to wear as you might think, this is a trend here to stay. This pair from H&M are genuine leather, and will look just as amazing with heels or converse.

All the product shown here will be on sale at Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, 6th -10th December 2013.


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