Clothes Show: The Style Selection

This time last week, The Clothes Line were getting into the stylish swing of things at Clothes Show Live 2013. So it’s been a few days since we departed, and since then we’ve been scouring the photos we took for the shoppers we thought had individual and confident outfits, and most importantly, that represented The Clothes Line style; the kind of clothes & accessories we aspire to receive and sell.

We had such a huge number of you come and say hi and get your pictures taken, but we managed to get all of you onto our Facebook page here. So if you haven’t already – then get liking and tagging!

It was hard – BUT – we also managed to narrow it down even further, and have finally chosen the ultimate Clothes Line style ambassadors. And here they are…

Sarah Richardson - stylish shopper

Sarah Richardson

This is one stylish Mama; shopping with her also well-dressed daughter (it must run in the family), we loved her smart but-practical-patent brogues, teamed with a simple shift dress and effortless boyfriend coat.

Simmone Cowels - stylish shopper

Simmone Cowels

We couldn’t help but notice Simmone in her electric blue number. She’s nailed one of the biggest trends to hit the catwalks this year – smart tailoring – and has made it look chic by dressing down with simple flats and a gold chain collar.

Millie - stylish shopper


With her striking red rain mac from Topshop, Millie was another shopper whose style caught our eye. She looked fab in her mesh layered dress (also Topshop), styled up with a white shirt, polka-dot socks and a bowler hat. Who’d have thought it?

Michelle Oju - stylish shopper

Michelle Oju

Michelle, we salute you. This fashionable lady has successfully & confidently turned an outfit that says ‘night-out’, into a chic (& even practical) shopping ensemble. We LOVE the split side metallic maxi skirt with chunky boots combo most of all.

Georgia - stylish shopper


The Clothes Line are a big fan of anything British, so Georgia’s fab Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake bag was what got our attention. Teamed with a must have baby pink coat and chunky biker boots. We ❤

Amelia - stylish shopper

Amelia Rose

We’ve chosen this shopper as another Clothes Line style ambassador because we love the confident colour clashing prints in her Skirt (from Black Milk Clothing), and her unique faux -fur collar, and her perfect vintage hair-do brings the look together.

Luke & Ryan - stylish shoppers

Luke & Ryan

And last but definitely not least, we have Luke & Ryan. Well we couldn’t forget the men could we? This pair’s style definitely makes up for the few men around Clothes Show.. And we love how dapper they look. Whatever happened to just wearing a suit jacket for the sake of it? Nice work boys!

Seeing yourself on here? If so, then well done, but if any of the information is wrong or you’d like anything else added in then please don’t hesitate to let us know…


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