All I want for Christmas is… Chanel & YSL

Forget the rules: today we have TWO Donation’s of The Day! And when they come in the form of vintage Chanel & YSL then who’s counting?

We received this amazing cream blouse from one of our supporters, and it’s simple, elegant shape, yet intricate stripe detailing and authentic Chanel C buttons, make it even more covetable up close. With an original paper ‘Fabrique en France’ label sewn in, including it’s product number, we suspect this blouse was made between 1969-1989.

Chanel Blouse

But it was a double whammy… Check out these beautiful YSL clip on earrings! Their classic shape (and the fact that they’re clip-on) makes them perfect for anyone, anytime. Whether it’s adding a bit of much needed Christmas sparkle to your party outfit, or everyday sparkle to your school-run outfit; when you’re wearing earring that look as good as these it doesn’t matter.

YSL earrings


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