Donation of The Day

Today’s been the first dry, sunny day in a long time, and frankly, we’re getting excited for warmer weather at The Clothes Line HQ. But knowing the UK, even if it’s sunny there’ll still be a chill in the air and the likely chance of rain. Today’s Donation of the Day is perfect for that tricky trans-season period of dressing, where we’re always tempted to ditch the tights but then regret it as soon as we step out of the door. This vintage St. Michael tweed-effect jacket is made of wool and has a handy funnel neck, so will keep you warm when you need it most. But it’s grey colour with tones of blue and pink and swing-style fastening, channels just the right amount of spring for it to be acceptable from, well, now.

Vintage st Michael

Wear this this bargain piece (priced at just £18) over dresses that are just a bit too summery to be worn alone yet, or simply pair with jeans and a white tee. it’s so versatile, we can even see it belted over a classic LBD to take you from day to night.

Got to have it? The Clothes Line are sending it to our dedicated vintage shop on Summertown high street in Oxford – Vintage Blue. Get it from Wednesday 26th Feb, but we cant guarantee it’ll still be there come the weekend…


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